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Wealth Advisor

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Build and grow your wealth like the 1%
Features to help you grow

Simplified Financial
Planning & Investing

On-demand Insights

Friendly and in depth insights tailored to your finances and investments. 360 view of financial well-being with korzo's proprietary health score

AI-Powered Portfolios

Our investment algorithms use the latest AI technology to automate sound investment decisions across our portfolios

24/7 AI-Powered Assistant

Your AI-Powered Assistant¹ is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and provide you with actionable feedback

Secure & Trusted

Fortress-level security for your peace of mind. Top-tier encryption, multi-factor authentication, and real-time monitoring


korzo is an Investment Advisor registered with the SEC², licensed across 50+ US States, and utilizes Apex Clearing for custodial services of client funds and securities

4.50% APY on Savings

Customers of korzo have access to Apex Clearing’s High Yield Cash Savings Account³ insured up to $5 million through the FDIC Sweep Program. Say goodbye to low yields, and hello to financial growth
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our mission

Our why is simple:
Your Financial Freedom

Operating at the intersection of AI and inclusive finance, korzo is an all-in-one platform designed to be the financial compass for those new to the US, enabling access to financial services, financial education, and AI-Powered investment products.

Access to financial services
Boost your financial literacy
AI-Powered automation
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Your questions, answered.
Everything you need to know in one place.
Is my data protected?

All user data is encrypted to ensure no personally identifiable information is exposed. korzo's models process encrypted data and do not expose sensitive information to external services.

Are there account minimums?

Accounts can be opened up with as little as $100.

What type of interaction can I get in the “24/7 AI-Powered Assistant”?

The korzo chat is powered by our AI-Powered Advisor; korzo utilizes both open source large language models (LLMs) and 3rd party LLMs after first encrypting your personal identifiable information and leverages your personal transactions, financial targets, debt levels, and other insights to best guide you along your financial journey. The korzo AI-Powered Advisor also recalls your past conversations and adapts to your evolving financial situation.

What is the best way to access korzo support? 

Within the app, you can interact with live customer support Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM PT to help resolve technical issues only. Personalized advice cannot be provided through this help center.

How does the AI-Powered Advisor work?

The AI-Powered Advisor is driven solely by algorithms and leverages various techniques to fulfill two main services which include 1) Financial Health Monitoring and insights and 2) Automated investing and themed portfolios. Within Financial Health Monitoring, users enable access to their banking and investment data via Plaid. Transaction history is then anonymized and analyzed.

Can I make manual adjustments to my portfolio?

korzo aggregates and synthesizes data from various sources in order to automate sound financial investment decisions. Although users are not able to make trades directly through korzo, users are able to adjust their risk profiles and submit a request to change the portfolio strategy they have been assigned.

Where does korzo operate?

korzo operates in the United States and serves clients in 50+ US States and in multiple countries as permitted by our custodians.

What types of accounts can be opened?

Individual Accounts, Joint Accounts, Custodial Accounts, Trust Accounts, High Yield Cash Savings Accounts and IRAs.


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